Build your business with intention.

Redemptive plans for building teams and going to market. 

We've talked to a lot of Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs. And one thing is clear: they all want to honor God with their business.

They know they want their business to be a redemptive force, but aren't sure how to get that done.

Thoughtful leaders are asking:

How can I hear God's voice and take the next obedient step?
How can I integrate my faith and my work?
How can I be used by God while also building a profitable business?
Business and spiritual growth are a process, who can walk along with me?

Why Redemptive?

It's not enough to be ethical. Doing good is... well, good. But anyone can choose to run an ethically sound business. Only those that follow Jesus can build a business that transforms lives and reconnects the world to God. 

We're joining the many voices in Christian entrepreneurship that say we're called to something higher than ethical. We're called to be redemptive.

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The journey to discovering how starts at the foundation of your business.

The truth is, there are a lot of ways God uses business to expand His Kingdom. Our accelerators help you build a redemptive foundation for your company.

Understanding the who of your team and the what of your organization will lead you to a clear how.

How can you take the next step to see your business become a Kingdom Outpost?

A place where people see Jesus, and take their next steps on a redemptive journey toward Christ?

It's normal to build a plan to grow your business or launch a new service or location. But most don’t have a way to define and plan for their Kingdom impact.

Brand Disciples solves for how.


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5Q Redemptive Leaders

12-Week Intensive Starts June 6

This 12-week intensive helps build a foundation of leadership and team operation based on the Biblical blueprint. Based on 5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ by Alan Hirsch, our team helps leaders understand how they are built and what kind of team they need for Christ-like leadership and team building.  This process activates something greater than EQ, it puts your leadership on the path to 5Q based on Ephesians 4.

This group meets once a week over Zoom, and will include additional in-person meet-ups for those in or able to travel to the VA/MD/DC region.

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Lead With Your Gifts

Gain clarity about how you are uniquely built to create impact in the world through business.

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Walk in Confidence

Live out your calling in your business with a deep sense of your unique purpose.
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Analyze Gaps

Form a clear picture of where other team members can create a strong, unified team that works together for redemptive business purpose.
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Inform Your Leadership

Learn important techniques and build 5Q intelligence for building unleashing the gifts and talents of your team.
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Build Kingdom KPIs

Become equipped with practices for cultivating Biblical teamwork and measuring how well your team is creating an impact with customers and community.
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Lead a Redemptive Team

Launch the next phase of your growth for your internal team, contractors and external partners with a clear idea of how you can create redemptive impact.

Redemptive Go-To-Market Strategy

12-Week Accelerator Starts June 3

This is the go-to-market module in our accelerator. Over 12 weeks you will build Biblical concepts into the core of your business, while also using proven strategies to position your business in a competitive market. Built as a key component of our  accelerator, our time together is designed for highly engaged participants.

This 12-week group answers two questions: 1) How can you use the best practices for growth from highly successful companies and nonprofits; and 2) How can you build something that will create a redemptive impact and honor God?

If you are a startup, social enterprise or nonprofit in the seed or startup phase, this group meets once a week over Zoom, and will include additional in-person meet-ups for those in the VA/MD/DC region.

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Understand Your Competition

Deeply understand how your competitors are positioning their products so that you can find your perfect gap.

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Find a True Differentiator

Identify how your products or services are truly different and map a clear way to make it known.
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Integrate a Biblical Purpose

Go beyond great ideas and good marketing to incorporate your redemptive purpose in business.
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Learn the Value of Iteration

Learn how teams launch products and services with less risk and quicker fails so you can reach your success.
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Become a Co-Creator

Ignite a passion for co-creating your business with God and others, as we invite Him in to transform us and our business along with all of those you work with and serve.
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Move Beyond Ethical

Build a strategy founded on Jesus' way of doing redemptive business that also understands top-notch industry know-how.

What to Expect in the Market Accelerator

At the end of the 12-week accelerator, you’ll be ready for action with a clear understanding of the unique design of your business for Kingdom Impact and the specific steps you can take to execute on the go-to-market growth plan that we've created together. We recommend that you continue in a coaching group for the balance of a year. 

12 Weeks to Create Plan-> Balance of 12 months to live it out.

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Virtual meeting for 90 minutes each week

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Additional activities on your own for 2 to 4 hours per week

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Strong community with like-minded entrepreneurs

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An invitation for leadership in your church to support what you're doing

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Insights and business applications from the counter-cultural way that Jesus created a movement that changed history

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Thoroughly Biblical instruction and Holy Spirit-guided insights

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Principles that you can be confident are based on God's Word and are practical to implement

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In-person opportunities for market research and Kingdom advancement

Brand Disciples Team

BD-Arch-David Mills

David Mills

David brings a wealth of training and experience from the worlds of ministry and business to the work of Brand Disciples. He’s planted churches, helped develop national and international ministry platforms, and served as a founder of multiple businesses in the tech space.

BD-Arch-Amy Alexander

Amy Alexander

Amy brings almost two decades of experience as a creative director and worship leader. Her entrepreneurial spirit and strong sense of purpose for discipleship are grounded in her experience in higher education, church leadership, and start-up methodology.

BD-Arch-Chad Alexander

Chad Alexander

Chad combines decades of government contracting; video directing, filming, and producing; and IT management with his passion for Christian discipleship. His fun-loving personality is matched only by his depth of knowledge and passion for the Bible.


Brand Disciples is a program of our nonprofit so that we can keep costs as low as possible. We ask for a donation for any 12-week program you attend, and that you consider a donation at the end of the year if the work that we’ve done together has created impact and fruit.

5Q Redemptive Leadership

12-Week Intensive

$100 suggested donation, which covers the 5Q assessment and a 10% donation back to Alan Hirsch and his 5Q team.

Redemptive Go-To-Market Strategy

12-Week Accelerator Module

$600 to $2,000 suggested donation with comparable commercial offerings priced at six to nine thousand. The accelarator covers 12+ hours of coaching, and the proven go-to-market system.

We don't want your financial capacity to stop what God wants to do through your business, so let's talk.


Still have questions? Hopefully this will help.

Who should participate?
The Intensive and the Accelerator serve startups, seed-stage businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises, and those launching a new product or service or division from an existing business. Both of them are for leaders who want to build a redemptive business that creates impact with everyone they work with and serve.
What's an Intensive vs. Accelerator?

Our 5Q Redemptive Leadership intensive is designed to help you dig into God's word, and apply the rich wisdom in Ephesians 4 to your business and mission. It's a deep study, and a chance to apply God's word to your personal growth as a leader. The intensive is one module in our accelerator.

Our Redemptive Go-To-Market Strategy accelerator is designed to kick-off a new business, or a new product/service. It's one of the modules of our accelerator built to combine decades of marketing and business strategy with deep Biblical principles. 

What's the time commitment?
Our 5Q Intensive is 1 hour per week, plus in-person meet-up opportunities.

Our Go-To-Marketing Accelerator is 90 minutes per week, plus homework. And, in-person meet-ups. This is for a highly committed and engaged leader.
How can my church be involved?

For our Go-To-Market Strategy accelerator, we're encouraging that someone from your church leadership is brought along in the journey.

It's our team's conviction that every entrepreneur needs to be connected to the local body of Christ.

Our team cannot walk beside you in every season, and we know that having someone in your local region to pray for you and call out your purpose is absolutely crucial to any Christian business endeavor.

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5Q Redemptive Leaders

The intensive starts June 6th!

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Go-To-Market Strategy

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